Cast - Your Fishing Guide to Southwest Montana

From the towering backdrop of the Absaroka Mountains to the vast, golden fields of the Jefferson Valley, fishing in southwest Montana is as much about the landscape as it is the fish. And what fish they are—brilliant rainbows, hefty, hook-jawed browns, and speckled cutthroat all swim among the brookies, walleye, whitefish, and half-dozen other respectable species that call our waters home.

Cast is your guide to it all. With river maps, hatch charts, FISH I.D., and a full rundown on equipment, watercraft, and techniques—for both fly and spin anglers—it's got everything you need to tackle the fabled waters in and around the Greater Yellowstone region. Find it at fly shops and outdoor stores around southwest Montana—then get out there under the wide Montana sky and cast your line toward paradise.


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